• Sunder Returns to SWTOR
    Sunder Returns to SWTOR Give in to your feelings and join us.
  • Planetside 2 Division
    Planetside 2 Division Join in the fight as SMG fights oppression and annihilation on the Emerald Server.
  • ESO Division...
    ESO Division... Sign up for long marches, cold chow and low pay.
  • Honor...Loyalty...Friendship...
    Honor...Loyalty...Friendship... We are dedicated...We are Sunder!!!

About Sunder...

 Chief, Command Staff, soild as a rock. Maintainer of website, forums and assists everywhere. Dedicated member since 2009.
 Dathnic, Command Staff and Planetside 2 Commanding Officer, developer of Sunder's tactics. Dedicated member since 2005.
Niee, Command Staff, learning the ropes. Dedicated member since 2005.
Tabarkus, Command Staff, just brought on board, also ESO Commanding Officer. Dedicated member since 2011.
Tycho, Command Staff, just brought on board. Dedicated member since 2008.
 XTremeZ, Founder/Owner, opened Sunder in 2004 to start a militaristic gaming organization. Runs Sunder overall.