• Honor...Loyalty...Friendship

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Sunder Motto

Honor...Loyalty...Friendship...We are dedicated...We are Sunder!

What does Sunder offer?

We provide dedicated website, forums and communications. We train utilizing tactics similar to a modern military, but have adapted to fit the Games we play. Overall we have a gaming community that cares about its member and having fun.




We are honorable in our game play: we don't cheat, grief, exploit or troll the gaming community.




We expect our members to be loyal to Sunder and themselves. If you want to be apart of Sunder, the we want you to be apart of the community. We have been around for over 10 years through the dedication of our leadership team and our members.




We are a group of friends. Although structured and organized, we strive to never forget that those that become full members are our friends. We watch out for each other and lend a helping hand even if it means sacrificing our time and assets to see another member achieve.   

  • Communications

Professional communications is the key to success against overwhelming odds, we know when to let lose and when to tight it up. Register and chat with us on the forums. Like our Facebook and follow our twitter. If you have time join us in Teamspeak.

  • "Sunder is that place that I know is always there for me, and its where I like to game with my friends"

    We are dedicated to every member to help better their game play. For the hard core among us we strive to be the best in every game we play. Through scheduled events and training; to one on one feedback we want others outside our community to know we are a professional group when the need arises.

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