• Sunder Returns to SWTOR
    Sunder Returns to SWTOR Give in to your feelings and join us.
  • Planetside 2 Division
    Planetside 2 Division Join in the fight as SMG fights oppression and annihilation on the Emerald Server.
  • Honor...Loyalty...Friendship...
    Honor...Loyalty...Friendship... We are dedicated...We are Sunder!!!

About Sunder...

 Dathnic, Command Staff and Planetside 2 Commanding Officer, developer of Sunder's tactics. Dedicated member since 2005.
Niee, Command Staff, learning the ropes. Dedicated member since 2005.
 XTremeZ, Founder/Owner, opened Sunder in 2004 to start a militaristic gaming organization. Runs Sunder overall.